References – Grupo M Automoción

GRUPO M-AUTOMOCION is an automotive group that has dealerships and workshops of different brands, it is also a supplier of car spare parts and different businesses all related to the automobile. Its business area is mainly located in the province of Barcelona, although it has some in other provinces. GlobalSist has been managing the security … Read more

References – Natura Selection

PARTICULARITIES OF THE PROJECT NATURA SELECTION has stores throughout Spain, both at street level and in shopping centres, they are spaces full of complements, books, decorative accessories and original objects that you did not even know existed. GlobalSist has been managing store security for more than 10 years in terms of intrusion and viewing of … Read more

References – Rabat Jewellery Barcelona

Rabat Barcelona Jewellery is located in an emblematic building in the heart of the city of Barcelona (Spain). It has a total of 8 floors, 3 of which are dedicated to exhibitions of the best jewellery and watch brands The objective of GlobalSist has been to carry out the project and installation of a comprehensive … Read more

References – Alto de Monrepos (Huesca)

ACCIONA CONSTRUCCION SA is a civil works construction company that holds construction contracts with the Public Administrations. As part of the execution of works on the M7 tunnel of the A-23 motorway in ALTO DE MONREPOS (Huesca), ACCIONA CONSTRUCCIÓN SA subcontracts SEGUR24 the construction of the following systems: The final customer of this contract is … Read more

References – Rubí photovoltaic plant (Peru)

The Rubí photovoltaic plant in the Moquegua region is the largest in Peru. It has an installed capacity of 180 MW and has a perimeter of almost 8 km of fencing. In this project, the property has required GlobalSist to provide a double security system against intrusion: CCTV with video analytics and a cable system … Read more

Success Story – Vendimia Solar Project

HARVEST PHOTOVOLTAIC PLANT The Vendimia Photovoltaic Project, located in Almochuel, Zaragoza is one of the largest solar projects carried out in the Community. It is composed of 5 independent plants covering a total of 650 hectares. In total, it has 615,000 bifacial solar panels, which allows it to have a production capacity of 247 MW. … Read more

From the Clear Web to the Dark Web

It’s said, it’s talked about, it’s commented… that more than 90% of the Internet remains hidden and that in that hidden part you can get with a single click all kinds of products and services of dubious legality that would be unthinkable on conventional websites. Although some of the many things that are said may … Read more

Drone Security & Emergencies

The use of Drones in the field of Security and Emergencies is no longer theoretical but a reality. The experiences obtained to date by public and private entities that have used Drones are very, positive and their usefulness is already indisputable. The legislation in force until last year was quite restrictive, but Royal Decree 1036/2017 … Read more

Safety in Spanish Photovoltaic Plants

THE PHOTOVOLTAIC SECTOR We cannot deny that the Spanish photovoltaic sector is experiencing a tremendous boom in recent years. The eagerness for renewable energies to beat conventional energies has led to the production of photovoltaic energy increasing by more than 210% in the last 5 years, making the Spanish market the European leader and the … Read more

Safety in Industrial Facilities

INDUSTRIAL FACILITIES The industrial sector is one of the most important and the one that contributes the most value to the Spanish economy as a whole. This encompasses different very diverse activities, such as the chemical, food, construction, vehicle production, energy, among many others. All of them are essential to the economy and of high … Read more