References – Alto de Monrepos (Huesca)

ACCIONA CONSTRUCCION SA is a civil works construction company that holds construction contracts with the Public Administrations.

As part of the execution of works on the M7 tunnel of the A-23 motorway in ALTO DE MONREPOS (Huesca), ACCIONA CONSTRUCCIÓN SA subcontracts SEGUR24 the construction of the following systems:

  • Automatic Fire Detection System in Road Tunnels
  • Automatic Fire Detection System in Technical Rooms
  • CCTV System in Shelters
  • Automatic Incident Detection System DAI in the road tunnel
  • Emergency Public Address System in Shelters

The final customer of this contract is the Ministry of Public Works.


  • The M7 Tunnel of the ALTO DE MONREPOS, with 3 kms in length, is the longest of a group of tunnels that cross a mountainous area in Huesca called ALTO DE MONREPOS, and that are part of the A-23 motorway or Mudéjar motorway.
  • In a tunnel of these characteristics, it is especially dangerous for a fire or road incident to occur, which must be quickly detected and reported in order to launch the necessary operation plans.
  • An installation of such magnitude requires the use of the best technologies to allow operators to focus their attention on those points that require it.


The beginning of the project consists of updating the project of the facilities, since it was based on obsolete engineering. Subsequently, the quotations were prepared and updated and sent for validation and acceptance. Execution of the installations in coordination with the other industrialists that make up the project. The programming, commissioning and operational testing of the large number and variety of equipment is a very important phase in the final part of this project.


  • 10% Study and analysis
  • 40% Human Resources
  • 40% Material resources
  • 10% Suppliers