References – Grupo M Automoción

GRUPO M-AUTOMOCION is an automotive group that has dealerships and workshops of different brands, it is also a supplier of car spare parts and different businesses all related to the automobile. Its business area is mainly located in the province of Barcelona, although it has some in other provinces.

GlobalSist has been managing the security of the dealers for more than 6 years and in the last year we have been in charge of the project of their new facilities, a building of about 30,000 meters that is being rehabilitated so that its characteristics adjust to the needs of its business where there are spare parts warehouse, group offices,  workshops, car warehouse and three dealerships.

Security in this type of business where the value is very high due to the large number of spare parts and vehicles stored is very important, but at the same time it has a complexity due to the dimensions of the building and the large number of existing accesses. All this, plus the realization of the project in different phases and changes on the fly, due to the urgency of getting the business infrastructure up and running as soon as possible, has been one of the biggest challenges. That is why a detailed study and optimal on-site coordination is essential.


  • In the protection of the building it is very important to take into account the different departments and locations of each one, taking into account the closing and opening times so that the connection of the intrusion system can be made independently in each of them.
  • Possibility of improper access through courtyards, terraces, skylights, butrons, windows, etc.
  • In the spare parts warehouses there are a large number of items of not much volume where they could be sold on the black market with great ease.
  • In the car storage area, it is important to take into account the visual barriers that the stored cars themselves make, when putting detection elements in burglary intrusions.
  • It is important to coordinate on site with other industrialists on site in order to comply with the dates and schedules set for the commissioning of the building.
  • Degree of protection required by current regulations and that must be complied with, in this type of Grade 2 stores.
  • GlobalSist’s own design, respecting the indications and peculiarities that the client and the premises may ask us for.


After agreeing with the owner on the needs, minimum requirements are established depending on priority areas to be protected and who will coordinate the entire system once it is up and running, with the peculiarities of connection and disconnection by partitions at different times.

  • Detection of interior intrusion at street level, taking into account all possible access areas, such as doors, shop windows, interior patios, terraces, etc.
  • CCTV system, both to support the intrusion system by means of remote surveillance and to visualize the store when it is in operation to check that everything is going normally and even see that commercial is free to give way to telephone calls.

“We are a company with more than 66 establishments, including points of sale and workshops. We need global security and GlobalSist has provided us with the solution to our needs”
CEO Grupo M-Automoción


The beginning of the project consists of the design of all the security installations contemplated in the objective of the project, through the plans provided by the client or the visit to the premises. Preparation of quotes and sent to the client for validation and acceptance. Execution of the installations in coordination with the other industrialists that make up the project. The programming, commissioning and operational testing of the large number and variety of equipment is a very important phase in the final part of this project.


  • 50% Human Resources
  • 15% Study and analysis
  • 25% Material resources
  • 10% Suppliers