References – Rubí photovoltaic plant (Peru)

The Rubí photovoltaic plant in the Moquegua region is the largest in Peru. It has an installed capacity of 180 MW and has a perimeter of almost 8 km of fencing.

In this project, the property has required GlobalSist to provide a double security system against intrusion: CCTV with video analytics and a cable system with a microphone sensor on the fence. GlobalSist has designed the best security solution to meet the requested specifications and within the target budget.


  • Plant with an important length of perimeter fencing with almost 8 km.
  • A single vehicle and pedestrian access.
  • A control center from which security systems must be managed.
  • Complex orography.
  • Various transformer stations from which communications and power supply must be centralized.
  • Various transformer stations from which communications and power supply must be centralized.
  • Weather with extreme temperatures that can affect the proper functioning of electronic equipment.
  • High value to protect.
  • High risk of theft and sabotage.
  • GlobalSist’s own design.


The solution proposed by GlobalSist includes the installation of two perimeter security systems.

The first system consists of a closed-circuit TV, using 31 fixed IP thermal cameras and intelligent video analytics, capable of detecting intrusions at long distances with total effectiveness. The installation of 1 high-speed dome camera is also contemplated to supervise the entrance to the plant. All images will be digitally recorded.

The second system is a microphone sensor cable installed directly on the fence and which has the ability to detect any attempt to cut or climb the fence.

As a deterrent to possible intruders, the installation of high-powered sirens is planned, strategically distributed around the perimeter. The internal security of the control centre itself and the control of access to the plant have also been contemplated in this project.

“As one of the world leaders in projects for photovoltaic parks, we only have agile, proactive and technology specialist companies such as GlobalSist”
CEO Prodiel


Designing solutions according to the technical and economic requirements of the client is a very important phase of the project. Being a new construction, the wiring and the various installations are carried out optimally. The commissioning of equipment and functional tests, in a work of this nature and magnitude, are carried out exhaustively.


  • 40% Human Resources
  • 25% Study and analysis
  • 15% Material resources
  • 15% Suppliers
  • 5% Other processes