References – Rabat Jewellery Barcelona

Rabat Barcelona Jewellery is located in an emblematic building in the heart of the city of Barcelona (Spain). It has a total of 8 floors, 3 of which are dedicated to exhibitions of the best jewellery and watch brands

The objective of GlobalSist has been to carry out the project and installation of a comprehensive security system for the building, taking into account all the risks of: intrusion, robbery, theft and access.

On the Rabat Barcelona website it is stated: “From the moment you enter the Boutique, the customer will be enveloped in a magical atmosphere where they will perceive the smallest detail and enjoy every corner to experience unique sensations and special moments“.

Applying and integrating all the security systems without altering the very high design of the environment of each of the spaces has been one of GlobalSist’s greatest challenges and one of which we are very proud.


  • Large-scale building (2,500 m2) with several floors and adjoining buildings. Front and rear facades. Terraces at the back and top. Balconies on both façades.
  • Several pedestrian accesses for customers and staff on the two existing façades by means of locks.
  • High value to protect.
  • High degree of protection required by current regulations as it is a facility classified as high risk.
  • Protection from improper access through courtyards, terraces, skylights, butrons, balconies, windows, etc.
  • Importance of combining the effectiveness of security systems with the decoration of the client and the brands themselves.
  • GlobalSist’s own design.


After many meetings with the owner, a thorough study of all the spaces to be protected and in accordance with the degree of security required by current regulations, GlobalSist develops a comprehensive security project that includes:

  • Intrusion detection inside and outside the building. Combination of volumetric motion detectors, magnetic contacts for opening doors and windows, seismic, infrared barriers and cameras with intelligent video analytics as the main elements.
  • Multi-device heist protection
  • Closed circuit TV for full coverage of all indoor and outdoor floors.
  • Access control for doors and display cabinets using biometric reading equipment and proximity cards.
  • Voice IP intercom for the main entrances to the building.

“At night it is essential to be able to sleep peacefully. With GlobalSist we are 100% safe.”
President of Rabat Jewelleries


The beginning of the project consists of the design of all the security installations contemplated in the objective of the project.
The fact that it is a complete renovation of a building facilitates the passage of the facilities in a very discreet way and that combines perfectly with the decoration designed by the property. The programming, commissioning and operational testing of the large number and variety of equipment is a very important phase in the final part of this project.


  • 36% Human Resources
  • 30% Study and analysis
  • 15% Material resources
  • 14% Suppliers
  • 5% Other processes