Safety in Spanish Photovoltaic Plants


We cannot deny that the Spanish photovoltaic sector is experiencing a tremendous boom in recent years. The eagerness for renewable energies to beat conventional energies has led to the production of photovoltaic energy increasing by more than 210% in the last 5 years, making the Spanish market the European leader and the sixth worldwide.

There are several factors that make Spain an ideal country for the installation of photovoltaic parks. The climate we have allows us to enjoy an average of 2,500 hours of sunlight per year, while other countries in central Europe have averages of 1,500 hours. This allows Spain to generate much more energy with the same resources as other countries. The forecast for the future is also a favourable point to take into account, as the Spanish government has committed to 97% of national electricity consumption coming from renewable energies by 2050.

In Spain we have the largest photovoltaic plants in Europe, including the Mula Photovoltaic Plant (494 MW) in Murcia or the Talayuela Photovoltaic Plant (300 MW) in Cáceres, both very complex installations protected with GlobalSist security systems.


Due to the magnitude, nature and visual impact, Photovoltaic Plants are normally located in quite desolate areas, protected by a simple fence. This, together with the fact that the facilities and materials, such as copper, are of high economic value, make these facilities a target for thieves.

Having them well protected is essential to prevent, detect and reduce the impact of an intrusion. In this type of facility, theft not only affects the economic amount of the material that has been stolen, but also production, since intruders usually take materials that are necessary for the operation of the plants, seriously damaging the facility.

The security elements have a deterrent effect against possible intruders, since they are aware that if they pass the perimeter they will be detected, they will have less time to act and they can even be identified by video analysis systems. The latest technologies have made it possible to create systems that are able to distinguish people from animals and cars and can detect them before they even arrive and enter the perimeter of the plant, giving more time to react to security guards and security forces.

As they are such large and complex facilities, they can be equipped with Intrusion Detection Systems, Perimeter Protection Systems, Surprise and Deterrent Spotlight Activation, Fire Protection Systems, Video Analytics, Access Control for Vehicles and People, Closed Circuit TV and even Technical Alarms.

To ensure the safety of the plant, it is essential that a team of engineers carry out a qualified study of the plant, making a risk analysis and studying the most effective combination of systems that adapts to the needs of the customer.