Floor alarm

Protect your home with the best alarm

Triple protection. They foresee intrusions before they happen.

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How it works

When an alarm goes off, every second counts!

Alarma activa


Alarm activated

Activation of the security alarm system in the event of an intrusion attempt.

Conexión y aviso central receptora


Connection & notification

When the alarm goes off, our Alarm Receiving Center immediately receives a warning.

video verificación


Video verification

The CRA performs a video verification to check the alarm and contacts you.

aviso a policía


Immediate response

In the event of a real alarm, the police are automatically notified and a security guard is sent to the house.

The high security of companies


Learn about the technology included in the home alarm kit with anti-inhibition function and police alert.

Control panel + keypad

alarma última tecnología
alarma interior potente

High-power indoor siren

Motion detectors with video camera

detectores de movimiento
Sensores magnéticos

Sensors with magnetic contact

Deterrent outdoor signs

alarma conectada a policía

Control from your smartphone

Wherever you are, you can control your home via our mobile app.


Our experience in high security installations allows us to offer you the best alarm technology for your home.

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