Safety in Industrial Facilities


The industrial sector is one of the most important and the one that contributes the most value to the Spanish economy as a whole. This encompasses different very diverse activities, such as the chemical, food, construction, vehicle production, energy, among many others. All of them are essential to the economy and of high value.

These types of installations are very sensitive to theft since an intrusion or fire can not only affect the material elements of the property itself, but can also stop production or damage products intended for sale. To reduce the impact and even avoid it, it is essential to have a proper security system in place. Working with expert companies in the field of security such as GlobalSist, which will study and design a customized security system adapted to the needs of each facility, will allow through its experience to provide the best customer service to keep your business protected.

It is necessary to clearly and concisely define the security needs that you have, whether they are intrusion, fire, access control, technical alarms, etc. so that a team of expert professionals can carry out a risk analysis of the installation and design the best one.

For the installation to be safe, it is necessary to always work with high quality materials and carry out the corresponding preventive checks and maintenance to check that the system is in perfect working order and that it will be activated in the event of an emergency.


Due to their activity and the high material resources inside, industrial facilities are in the crosshairs of intruders. They usually remain empty overnight or during holiday periods, and that is why thieves see them as an easy target to enter and very lucrative, unless they have the right anti-intrusion systems. Intrusion systems can be:


For fires, time is a decisive factor. It is essential to keep your business and the people who work in it safe to have a proper fire protection system that is capable of detecting any sign of fire, alerting the authorities and preventing it from spreading, aggravating the damage.


To control the influx of people inside the facility and prevent unauthorized access

  • Monitoring people with card readers, QR codes, biomedical readers
  • Vehicle control by reading license plates to manage moving traffic or access control in a car park
  • Intercom systems with analogue radio systems and IP systems
  • Time and attendance by card or fingerprint readers, mobile app dialing with geolocation, etc.
  • Control of visits to identify people outside the company who access it at any time.
  • Metal & Explosives Detection


Closed-circuit television is very useful for monitoring the installation and its vicinity. With them in the event of an intrusion, it is much easier to be able to identify intruders and even detect them before they access the property.

  • CCTV
  • Security Video Analytics
  • Video Analytics for Marketing Applications