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NATURA SELECTION has stores throughout Spain, both at street level and in shopping centres, they are spaces full of complements, books, decorative accessories and original objects that you did not even know existed.

GlobalSist has been managing store security for more than 10 years in terms of intrusion and viewing of the premises, through Closed Circuit Television. Both in the design and installation of the same, as well as in the management of the Alarm Receiving Center, repair and maintenance of the security systems.

Coordinating the systems of all the stores, more than 50, with unification of criteria so that management is agile, simple and at the same time efficient for the customer, is one of the most complicated tasks, where all our departments have to join forces so that the service is optimal.

  • NATURA SELECTION stores can be found at street level or in shopping centres. In shops at street level, it is necessary to install intrusion systems as there is no private security. In shopping malls, only closed-circuit television systems are necessary as they are normally closed areas with private security.
  • Possibility of improper access through courtyards, terraces, skylights, butrons, balconies, windows, etc.
  • These stores have the peculiarity that they sell a wide variety of products of different volumes and sizes, as well as prices.
  • The premises are usually between 250 square meters generally.
  • Importance of not being aggressive with the environment and maintaining the client’s aesthetics.
  • It is important to coordinate on construction with other industrialists in newly opened stores to comply with the dates and schedules set for the opening.
  • Degree of protection required by current regulations and that must be complied with, in this type of Grade 2 stores.
  • GlobalSist’s own design, respecting the indications and peculiarities that the client and the premises may ask us for.


After agreeing with the owner on the needs, minimum requirements are established depending on the type of store and priority areas to be protected.

  • Interior intrusion detection for shops at street level, taking into account all possible access areas, such as doors, shop windows, interior courtyards, etc.
  • CCTV system, both to support the intrusion system by means of remote surveillance and to visualize the store when it is in operation to check that everything is going on normally.

“With GlobalSist we have the installation monitored 24 hours a day. This gives us great peace of mind in terms of protecting customers and employees and also in preventing theft and theft.”
Natura’s Chief Safety Officer


The beginning of the project consists of the design of all the security installations contemplated in the objective of the project, through the plans provided by the client or the visit to the premises. Preparation of quotes and sent to the client for validation and acceptance. Execution of the installations in coordination with the other industrialists that make up the project. The programming, commissioning and operational testing of the large number and variety of equipment is a very important phase in the final part of this project.


  • 50% Human Resources
  • 30% Material resources
  • 10% Study and analysis
  • 10% Suppliers